Video of the Day Feed Bassano (province of Vicenza, Veneto) is a small city famous for its bridge, alpine soldiers, grappa and Monte Grappa. It is an architectural gem: towers, palaces, frescoes, streets with old-fashioned shops, restaurants like once upon a time with live quails in the windows for a risotto prepared in twenty minutes, small antique shops, the ceramics factory of Nova with perfect imitations of its fabulous 18th century productions. The documentary recreates the life of a small city of art and celebrates the great joys of provincial life, meeting at the café, card games, choosing vegetables at the market... da Bassano Land:
År: 1962
Varighed: 00:10:00
Udbyder: Cineteca di Bologna
Produktionsselskab: Corona Cinematografica
Rettigheder: In Copyright / ()
Nøgleord: EFG1914 / World War I ]]>
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