Video of the Day Feed, WATER EVERYWHERE/ssanls%3A%3A505b301f077448770e791ccbfde7b700 This film looks at the world problems of water shortage, and specifically at the position of Scotland, where the natural supply of water is immense and more than sufficient to meet the demands made on it. [synopsis from SCFL catalogue] fr WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE, WATER EVERYWHERE/ssanls%3A%3A505b301f077448770e791ccbfde7b700 Pays:
Année: 1967
Durée: 00:26:00 mins
Fournisseur: National Library of Scotland
Société de production: IFA (Scotland) Ltd.
Droits: In Copyright
Mots-clés: documentary / sponsored / Argyllshire / Invernesshire / Canoeing / Children and Infants / Environment / Reservoirs / Water and Waterways / Films of Scotland (Sponsor) ]]>
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