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About the European Film Gateway

The EFG Portal gives you quick access to hundreds of thousands of film historical documents as preserved in European film archives and cinémathèques: photos, posters, programmes, periodicals, censorship documents, rare feature and documentary films, newsreels and other materials. Targeted at scientific researchers and the interested public alike, the EFG offers a look at and behind the scenes of filmmaking in Europe from the early days until today.

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14 November 2016

The Orphan Works Directive, adopted in 2012, set out to foster digitisation and unlock Europe’s cultural heritage for education, research and other cultural purposes, but how does it work in practice?

22 September 2016

As a partner of the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure, Deutsches Filminstitut is seeking a subcontractor to carry out ingests of metadata from 15 European film archives into the database behind the online portal European Film Gateway. Deadline for submissions is 5 October 2016. Read more about the RFP here.




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Italia una e indipendente EFG1914 | IT 1961Director(s): Mercanti, GianpaoloProvider: Cineteca di Bologna