Video of the Day Feed LOCAL NEWS REVIEW (1936)/ssanls%3A%3A9ee6cf80312b435d2043b181b2ffaae1 Amateur newsreel overview of various events in July, mid to late 1930's, including the Burry man on his rounds during the Queensferry Carnival and various Naval craft on the Clyde. nb WAVERLEY LOCAL NEWS REVIEW (1936) LOCAL NEWS REVIEW (1936)/ssanls%3A%3A9ee6cf80312b435d2043b181b2ffaae1 Land:
År: 1940
Lengde: 00:6:22 minsc
Leverandør: National Library of Scotland
Produksjonsselskap: News Reel Unit of the Edinburgh Cine Society
Rettigheter: In Copyright
Nøkkelord: amateur / newsreel / East Lothian / Edinburgh ]]>
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