Video of the Day Feedätten hinter der Westfront/barch%3A%3Afc65e23be28ea1c3c325c663ecb1e48c 1. Intertitle: All cannon damaged in battle are repaired here, only those which have been rendered completely useless return to the Fatherland. 2. Intertitle: Morning roll call. Image: Morning roll call and workers' decampment to the work area. 3. Intertitle: Arrival and unloading of damaged cannon. Image: Arrival of damaged cannon by rail; unloading the cannon with a crane. 4. Intertitle: Cleaning the cannon before repair. Image: Cleaning of the cannon in the courtyard; the dirt is hosed off one piece with water. 5. Intertitle: In the workshops; welding work; casting of replacement parts. 6. Intertitle: Insertion of the brake cylinder into the barrel of a cannon. Image: Insertion of the brake cylinder into the cannon's barrel under supervision; cannon tubes taken from the gun carriage and placed on the trestle. 7. Intertitle: Operational again. Image: Completed cannon before removal; final check. nb Artillerie-Werkstätten hinter der Westfrontätten hinter der Westfront/barch%3A%3Afc65e23be28ea1c3c325c663ecb1e48c Sjanger: Documentary
År: 1916
Lengde: 00:11:11
Leverandør: Bundesarchiv
Produksjonsselskap: Militärische Film- und Photostelle (Berlin)
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Nøkkelord: EFG1914 / World War I / Artillerie; Westfront; Erster Weltkrieg / Germany / World War, 1914-1918 -- Transportation / Weapons industry / World War, 1914-1918 ]]>
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