Video of the Day Feed der Insel-Film GmbH: Musterrolle 691/dif%3A%3Afc1883678db062cef33acfe2e4734c8b Nr. 1: A person dressed in fur jacket in snow flurry. „Winter time, polar time, grog time - time for Polar.“ The person is serving grog with Polar Rum. A elegantly dressed group of men and women toast to the camera. „Grog from Polar tastes wonderful.“ // Nr. 2: „The new White Giant washes biodynamically.“ Cartoon depiction of a grid, first „soiled laundry fabric“, then freed from dirt. A woman hanging laundry outdoors. Product packaging. // Nr. 3: „Bavaria's largest specialty store for watches, jewelry, cutlery is called Knapp.“ With quick cuts, various depictions and uses of Knapp cutlery: spoons hanging from the ceiling, in a box, a woman holding a spoon, Knapp cutlery passport, a man uses the spoon as a hand mirror, the woman's face is reflected distorted on the back, two heads from behind look at the hanging spoons, the company logo above. „Knapp - a house of international stature.“ // Nr. 4: Four women dancing on a stage in a disco. „The four of Dorlé. Long, hot nights and fric, fric from Dorlé.“ Women seen behind a wall as shadows as they apply deodorant. „Refreshed and deodorized for 24 hours.“ Product packaging. // Nr. 5: A man screws around with a dryer hood.“There, now she gets her hotly desired silage hood, dry hood great.“ The man with his head under the drying hood, demonstrates some practical details (adjustable, collapsible). A woman looks amazed and holds her hand in front of her mouth, comes to hug and kiss the man swingingly. „Silo home drying hoods“ // Nr. 6: A man is dragging toothbrushes on a leash behind him in the park. A doctor sees this and asks how the dear little doggies are doing. But the man insists that they are toothbrushes. When the doctor is gone, he turns to the brushes and says: „What, my dear little dogs? We sure gave it to him!“ Presentation of the three different Blendax quality toothbrushes in the display // . Nr. 7: Demonic nightmares (surrealistic, artistic scenes) of a woman in bed, waking up with a scream. Her husband next to her wants to know what's going on. „Everyone wanted money from me and I had none!“ Husband: „Stupid stuff, our money matters are handled by the Bayerische Vereinsbank.“ The woman is reassured and lies down again. „Bayerische Vereinsbank. A bank that deserves your trust.“ // Nr. 8: Chefs return from an international conference by plane. Waiting on the airfield are their wives, who are interviewed by a reporter about why they wash with Persil. Some justify the use of Persil by saying that the laundry should be „white and clean.“ The reporter now in the middle of the cooks, presents Persil with the two whiteners. // Nr. 9: Washing machine and dryer next to each other. A man in a white shirt comes in, tugging at his tie and apologizing that he's not quite „socially acceptable“ yet. He waits for his suit to finish washing and drying. He pulls a white jumpsuit with a Miele imprint out of the dryer and puts it on. „See? Ready to put on in 2 1/2 hours!“ Slogan: „Miele, reliability itself.“ // Nr. 10: A newspaper printing plant in operation. „The Süddeutsche Zeitung in the judgment of the world press.“ While the printing and sorting process of the newspaper is shown, various positive judgments are faded in and recited. „You go forward with the Süddeutsche Zeitung - go with it.“ // Nr. 11: A man walks along relieved and elated. He was acquitted in the last instance, the costs were covered by DAS legal protection insurance. „DAS. We want you to get your right!“ // Nr. 12: Adults and children on a sailboat. „Bright people, bright colors, bright white. This is the world of All.“ Product package. Notes on special washing and luminosity due to blue and green power crystals. More views on the sailboat. „All makes the laundry brighter. White is whiter. Colorful is more colorful. More than white, more than pure, luminous fresh must be the laundry.“ (sung). // Nr. 13: A family is driving behind a beverage truck in the heat of summer. Inscription: „Florida Boy Orange, of carbonation.“ Alternating Florida Boy Orange crates and the thirsty family in the car. Then the empty car on the highway, the family has taken a seat on the crates on the truck and drinks Florida Boy from bottles. // Nr. 14: Children with butter cookies in the form of Max and Moritz figures. Alternating children and butter cookies in close-ups, accompanied by a voice: „Xsss - xsss - xsss - XOX!“ „They recognize XOX by the delicious X.“ A child draws a big X in the air, it becomes an X made of cookies. (Child's voice) „With preference XOX. Butter children's cookie only from XOX.“// Nr. 15: Elegantly dressed man digs up a cash box in a wooded area. „This man does his money business alone, his way. But it's easier, effortless and even profitable - at Bayerische Vereinsbank.“ The man buries his cash box again, stows his shovel and brushes off his suit. „A bank that deserves your trust.“ // Nr. 16: Closing time. A woman leaves the office, a man says goodbye to a colleague. Male voice: „She doesn't need to shop...“ Woman's voice: „...and he's looking forward to dinner.“ The couple in front of an apartment building and in front of a well-filled freezer. Logo animation. Presentation of various dishes. The couple at the dining table. Logo animation: „Linden. Quality through and through.“ // Nr. 17: On a street, a hoist crane level with the upper floors of a house. Above, a camera goes into the dining room of a family sitting at table. „Hello Mrs. Fröhlich! You're still unzwiesilized!“ A woman at the crane holds an elegant Zwiesel glass while the family drinks wine from a mustard glass. „But that doesn't taste good! Drink zwieselized instead.“ The woman hands the family the Zwiesel glass. „Glass made of Zwiesel. You can afford that, can't you?“ // Nr. 18: A woman in the big city, a chemist at BASF. „She doesn't know him, but he works for her.“ Wrinkle- and iron-free clothes, stockings, leather bag (tanning), make-up. BASF chemists are behind it all. „BASF - in the service of life. World chemical company.“ // Nr. 19: Woman and man present different outfits to each other. „Chic, elegant, luxurious long.“ He lights a cigarette for her. After a whistle sound, another man joins them. A pack of Esplanade cigarettes is thrown to him, he catches it and is also lit a cigarette. The men applaud the woman. Animation of a pack of cigarettes. // Nr. 20: A woman with a washing machine by a waterfall of pure and clear spring water. „But not good enough for the washing machine.“ After a sweeping gesture upwards... the film runs backwards, the water shoots upwards. Same scene with a woman in the rain (soft, mild rainwater - not good enough). „Only Calgon makes good washing machine water out of any water.“ Animation of a washing drum, calcified and freed from lime. Product package. „Calgon. Protects their washing machine, washing machine, washing machine...“ // Nr. 21: Goodbye at the boat, she drives away from him. „I want to caress her one more time...I like her soft skin so much.“ The scene repeats. She in the harbor, stroking her hands and looking to the side. Flashback of the woman in a bubble bath. „Compliments of Dulgon with skin protection d. My magical wash and bath cosmetics.“ Product packs. // Nr. 22: Photographer and female model on a staircase in front of the Saure Cœur, a man with newspaper sits between them. Controversy. Jaques the bon vivant mediates, „But, but, gentlemen, first relax, first Picon.“ Everyone drinks, smiles, and makes up. Freeze frame, the three pose on the stairs in front of the photographer, Picon bottles on the left. „First relax, first Picon!“ (sung) // Nr. 23: Fishermen on the Seine. One catches a fish, the other a shoe, which the first makes fun of. Quarrel. Jaques the bon vivant mediates, „But, but, gentlemen, first relax, first picon.“ Drinking, smiling, reconciliation. Freeze frame: the anglers with Jaques, Picon bottles on the left. „First relax, first Picon!“ (sung) // Nr. 24: Car ride in the most adverse weather conditions. Snowed-in cars, futile attempts to start the engine. A line of cars at a slow pace behind a gritting vehicle. „Everyone is talking about the weather. Not us.“ A train speeds through a snowy landscape. „We always drive.“ DB logo. // Nr. 25: A woman blows a red feather off the back of her hand; the feather lands on a white carpet and is sucked up by a Siemens vacuum cleaner. A hand places the vacuum cleaner on the carpet. The carpet hugs the device. „Siemens Rapid. Dream of your carpet.“ Demonstration of the Siemens Super, now with a white feather on a red carpet. Polymatic nozzle for carpet and parquet. Powerful (magnet), gentle (flower in the snow). „Siemens Rapid, Siemens Super. Two cavaliers.“ Siemens logo. // Nr. 26: Dishwasher against a blue-violet background. „A much sought-after dishwasher,“ the machine in red, „a cool calculator,“ an abacus in front of the machine, „a master of his trade,“ between hanging clocks. The machine opens as if by magic, „a wizard - conjures more time for me every day.“ Scenes of free time gained and demonstration of the flushing power of the machine. „A specialist, a gentleman, the dishwasher from Siemens.“ Logo. // Nr. 27: Woman combing her hair in front of the mirror. „Your hair is gorgeous.“ Man joins her and strokes her head. „Yes, you're not the first one to say that.“ Wella Koleston. Couple on a carriage ride, he strokes her hair. „Fresh, natural and lustrous.“ Another couple on a boat ride, he strokes her hair. „Gorgeous hair, yes, certainly makes you more attractive.“ Woman with red hair from behind, turns around and strokes her hair. „Gorgeous hair to make strong men weak.“ Product package and logo. // en Werbefilme der Insel-Film GmbH: Musterrolle 69/1 der Insel-Film GmbH: Musterrolle 691/dif%3A%3Afc1883678db062cef33acfe2e4734c8b Country:
Year: 196?-1968
Runtime: 00:17:34
Provider: Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF
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