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The Airship Destroyer

  • Other title(s): Der Luftkrieg der Zukunft
  • Genre: Short film
  • Country: GB
  • Year: 1909
  • Runtime: 00:06:55
  • Description:
    An airship returns to its squadron. Unaware of the looming danger, a young man dreams of his future. He is a talented inventor who has perfected an astonishing flying machine, which he is about to try out. Suddenly, an invincible and inaccessible army of airships attacks with bombs and homing missiles. The Airship Destroyer is playing on the ever-recurring fear of invasion and eerily anticipates the air raids of WWI. The creativity of the special effects turns this short film into a real gem of science fiction cinema.

    Die britische Produktion Der Luftkrieg der Zukunft spielt mit der Furcht vor einer Invasion durch Luftschiffe und ahnt auf unheimliche Weise die Luftangriffe des Ersten Weltkrieges voraus.

  • Keywords: EFG1914
    World War I
    air raid; bombs; war; engineer; inventor; fire; military; weaponry
    Luftangriff; Bomben; Krieg; Ingenieur; Erfinder; Feuer; Militär; Waffentechnik
    Air warfare
    Mass media and war
  • Provider: Deutsche Kinemathek
  • Production company:Urban
  • Director:Booth, Walter R.
  • Colour: Tinted / Toned / Hand coloured
  • Sound: Without sound
  • Language: de